Dr. Alberto Jaspe-Villanueva

Research Scientist

Visual Computing Center, Bldg. 1, Office 2101
4700 King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Thuwal 23955-6900, Saudi Arabia

Research Interests

Alberto is passionate about Computer Graphics and Visual Computing. His main interest lies in the exploration of massive models and complex data, from acquisition to real-time visualization and interaction.

Education Profile

  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, CRS4 (Italy) and University of A Coruna (Spain), 2018.
  • M.Sc. in High-Performance Computing, University of A Coruna (Spain), 2012.
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science, University of A Coruna (Spain), 2011.

Professional Profile

Selected Publications

  • Doppler Volume Rendering: A Dynamic, Piecewise Linear Spectral Representation for Visualizing Astrophysics Simulations
    R. Alghamdi, T.s Müller, A. Jaspe-Villanueva, M. Hadwiger, F. Sadlo Computer Graphics Forum (presented in EuroVIS 2023)
  • Multivariate Probabilistic Range Queries for Scalable Interactive 3D Visualization
    A.Ageeli, A.Jaspe-Villanueva, R.Sicat, F.Mannuss, P.Rautek, M.Hadwiger
    IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (presented in IEEE VIS 2022)
  • A practical and efficient model for intensity calibration of multi-light image collections
    R.Pintus, A.Jaspe-Villanueva, A.Zorcolo, M.Hadwiger, E.Gobbetti
    The Visual Computer (2021)
  • Web-based Exploration of Annotated Multi-Layered Relightable Image Models
    A.Jaspe-Villanueva, R.Pintus, A.Giachetti, E.Gobbetti
    Journal of Computing and Cultural Heritage (2020)
  • Automatic modeling of cluttered multi-room floor plans from panoramic images
    G.Pintore, F.Ganovelli, A.Jaspe-Villanueva, E.Gobbetti
    Computer Graphics Forum (2019)
  • Symmetry-aware Sparse Voxel DAGs (SSVDAGs) for compression-domain tracing of high-resolution geometric scenes
    A.Jaspe-Villanueva, F.Marton, E.Gobbetti
    Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques (2017)
  • PEEP: Perceptually Enhanced Exploration of Pictures
    M.Agus, A.Jaspe-Villanueva, G.Pintore, and E.Gobbetti
    Proc. 21st International Workshop on Vision, Modeling and Visualization (2016)
  • Point Cloud Manager: Applications of a Middleware for Managing Huge Point Clouds
    O.Alvarez-Mures, A.Jaspe-Villanueva, E.Padrón, J.Rabuñal-Dopico
    Effective Big Data Management and Opportunities for Implementation. Ed. IGI Global (2016)
  • Virtual Reality and Point-based Rendering in Architecture and Heritage
    O.Alvarez-Mures, A.Jaspe-Villanueva, E.Padrón, J.Rabuñal-Dopico
    Handbook of Research on Visual Computing and Emerging Geometrical Design Tools. Ed. IGI Global (2016)
  • CHC+RT: Coherent Hierarchical Culling for Ray Tracing
    O.Mattausch, J.Bittner, A.Jaspe-Villanueva, E.Gobbetti, M.Wimmer, R.Pajarola
    Computer Graphics Forum, Proc. EugoGraphics (2015)
  • Mont’e Scan: Effective Shape and Color Digitization of Cluttered 3D Artworks
    F.Bettio, A.Jaspe-Villanueva, E.Merella, F.Marton, E.Gobbetti, R.Pintus
    ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage (2015)
  • IsoCam: Interactive Visual Exploration of Massive Cultural Heritage Models on Large Projection Setups.
    F.Marton, B.Rodriguez, F.Bettio, M.Agus, A.Jaspe-Villanueva, E.Gobbetti
    ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage, 7(2): Article 12, (2014)
  • Automatic Room Detection and Reconstruction in Cluttered Indoor Environments with Complex Room Layouts
    C.Mura, O.Mattausch, A.Jaspe-Villanueva, E.Gobbetti, R.Pajarola
    Computer & Graphics (2014)
  • ExploreMaps: Efficient Construction and Ubiquitous Exploration of Panoramic View Graphs of Complex 3D Environments
    M.Di Benedetto, F.Ganovelli, M.Balsa-Rodriguez, A.Jaspe-Villanueva, R.Scopigno, E.Gobbetti
    Computer Graphics Forum, Proc. EugoGraphics (2014)
  • Mapping Large Textures for Outdoor Terrain Rendering
    A.Seoane, J.Taibo, L.Hernández, A.Jaspe-Villanueva
    Game Programming Gems 7, Ed. Scott Jacobs (2008)
  • Physically Walking in Digital Spaces - A Virtual Reality Installation for Exploration of Historical Heritage
    L.Hernández, J.Taibo, D.Blanco, J.A.Iglesias-Guitián, A.Seoane, A.Jaspe-Villanueva, R.López
    International Journal Of Architectural Computing (2008)
  • Hardware-Independent Clipmapping
    A.Seoane, J.Taibo, L.Hernández, R.López, A.Jaspe-Villanueva
    ?roc. 15th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision (2007)
  • The Creativity Space: An Immersive VR Framework for 3D Creation
    L.Hernández, J.Taibo, A..Jaspe-Villanueva, R.López, D.Blanco, A.Seoane
    Proc. 5th Japan-Korea CAD/CAM Workshop (2005)


  • Best paper at CGI 2021 conf. (Switzerland, 2021)
  • Best paper at Graphics in Cultural Heritage GCH conf. (Bosnia, 2019)
  • PhD thesis selected for Thesis Fast-forward session at ACM SIGGRAPH’19 conf. (USA, 2019)
  • Best papers selection ACM Interactive 3D Graphics and Games i3D conf. (USA, 2016)
  • Best MSc thesis award by AMD (Spain, 2013)
  • MSc academic excellence award by BULL (Spain, 2013)
  • Best BSc thesis award by the Professional Association of Computer Science of Galicia (Spain, 2013)
  • Best Real-Time Presentation, CG Architect Awards (2011)
  • Best paper award at Iberoamerican Society of Computer Graphics conf. (Chile, 2006)

KAUST Affiliations

  • ​Visual Computing Center (VCC)
  • Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences & Engineering (CEMSE)

Recent Publications


Deep synthesis and exploration of omnidirectional stereoscopic environments from a single surround-view panoramic image

G. Pintore, A. Jaspe-Villanueva, M. Hadwiger, J. Schneider, M. Agus, F. Marton, F. Bettio, E. Gobbetti
Computers & Graphics (Honorable Mention Award at Web3D 2023)


PanoVerse: automatic generation of stereoscopic environments from single indoor panoramic images for Metaverse applications

G. Pintore, A. Jaspe-Villanueva, M. Hadwiger, E. Gobbetti, J. Schneider, M. Agus
Web3D 2023 (Honorable Mention Award)

Doppler Volume Rendering: A Dynamic, Piecewise Linear Spectral Representation for Visualizing Astrophysics Simulations

R. Alghamdi, T. Müller, A. Jaspe-Villanueva, M. Hadwiger, F. Sadlo
Eurovis 2023

Multivariate Probabilistic Range Queries for Scalable Interactive 3D Visualization

A. Ageeli, A. Jaspe-Villanueva, R. Sicat, F. Mannuss, P. Rautek, M. Hadwiger


A Practical and Efficient Model for Intensity Calibration of Multi-Light Image Collections

R. Pintus, A. Jaspe-Villanueva, A. Zorcolo, M. Hadwiger, E. Gobbetti
The Visual Computer (CGI 2021 Best Paper Award)